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kelwynshade's News

Posted by kelwynshade - 1 month ago

Wow- man, I missed this place. I come back, then life pulls me away, but I always come back.

Newgrounds is like coming home. Love this community and how it has continued to grow.

Anyway- I've been away for some time, but I never stopped writing music. In fact "Kelwynshade" has come out of its shell, and I've launched a new 2.0 initiative, now called "Full Steam Attack".

Check out my latest release:


Love you guys!



Posted by kelwynshade - June 26th, 2011

So, after toying with the idea for ages, I decided to go ahead and record a live music session. The idea was just to sit down, hit the record button, and play; no planning at all. So, have a look and let me know if this is something you'd be interested to see more of.

Take care, peeps.

Posted by kelwynshade - June 1st, 2011

I worked, again, pretty closely with my buddy Afro-Ninja on the soundtrack to the newest upcoming game "SHMUP". Check out the trailer here:

I'll be posting a few of the tracks as soon as the game is released. Get pumped!

Posted by kelwynshade - September 2nd, 2010

I went ahead and decided that a good spot to keep update on the music I work on, among other things, would be in a blog since I have enough time to manage it more than a full fledged website.

Feel free to jump over to: THE MUSIC OF KELWYNSHADE

Feel free to follow the blog and post comments.

Posted by kelwynshade - August 2nd, 2010

Well, it finally hit a goal of mine.

Long Walk Home, a sad yet uplifting piano track I composed some time ago broke the 5,000 download mark.

I told myself that if it hit 5,000 downloads, I would revisit the track with my new slew of top quality instruments and produce something even more emotional.

Looks like it's time to get to work.

Thanks for the downloads, people. And if you haven't had the opportunity to check it out yet, follow the link coming up and check it out.

LONG WALK HOME - Kelwynshade

Posted by kelwynshade - May 25th, 2010

So, FINALLY, I released a new track that is nearing completion. Please, check it out. Already, within 10 minutes of posting it, the Zero Bombers have bombed away. Nevertheless, have a listen.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /335583

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Posted by kelwynshade - October 22nd, 2009

So I admit; I've fallen terribly behind in responding to everyone's comments to each of my tracks. I'm making it a personal goal to reply to each and every one of them within the next week. You guys have taken the time to let me know how much you like the music, the least I could do is respond.

Sorry for falling so far behind in replying to all of you.

Meanwhile... you guys should check out some of the newer games I've written music for. Just click on some of the latest released songs and there should be a link to each of the games.

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Posted by kelwynshade - September 27th, 2009

It was a really good meet-up, guys. My first time meeting the staff of Newgrounds. We ended up getting some rock'n photos. I'll also take you up on meeting you up in Philly, someday.

Again, rock on, and it was a good time.

Posted by kelwynshade - September 16th, 2009

Hello again, Newgrounders.

I've got a facebook account set up, so if you use facebook, add me as a friend and get cool peeks into pre-released tracks and other goodies.


Also, our Power of Three work is coming along EXTREMELY well. I'm very excited about the work done so far and seriously cannot wait to get this thing released.

Posted by kelwynshade - July 4th, 2009

EDIT: Links all fixed. Enjoy the games!!!

Well, it has been a good two years since I started writing music for Flash Developers. So far its been a very entertaining ride. I've learned a lot thus far. I'm looking to move things to the next step, clean up some work, and send off a very hefty profile to gaming companies and record labels.

There's a ton of my work that Newgrounds or anyone else online has yet to have heard, so it's nearing that time to find a way to explode my work into something that will benefit me even more in the long run. I do love Newgrounds and honestly owe Tom and the gang thanks for creating an amazing community host.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to say "Holy hell, I've completed over TWENTY, 20, Two-Zero soundtracks for online flash games. It pretty much hit me these past few weeks that I've been fairly busy with music commissioned work.


I wanted to post a link to each of these games that are available online for anyone interested to check out; so lets get to it:

Adventures of Balley

Berloga Strip Dance

Cannon Blaster 3

Chicken's Flying School

Elite Forces - Afghan

Elite Forces - Clone Wars 2 Extended

Elite Forces - Conquest

Elite Forces - Pakistan

Elite Forces - Warfare

Escape from Camp Crystal Lake


Shuffle: NEXT

Tales of Crevan

Territory War: Online


Batman - Gotham Jumper

Super Secret Power of 3 Game

Horse Jumper

Joe's War




So check em out, and please let me know what you think. Take care, goons!