Newgrounds Beerfest Meetup

2009-09-27 02:13:20 by kelwynshade

It was a really good meet-up, guys. My first time meeting the staff of Newgrounds. We ended up getting some rock'n photos. I'll also take you up on meeting you up in Philly, someday.

Again, rock on, and it was a good time.


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2009-10-17 08:32:58

Hi kelwynshade!
Plese.. tell me how can I download the song "long walk home"..plese..
I don't know how to download it..T.T

kelwynshade responds:


To my knowledge, every song released on the Audio Portal is available for download. When listening to Long Walk Home, you should see an icon shaped like a Disk directly below the Stop Button. Click that icon and you can download the track. Thanks for checking it out!