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RPG Music Project, AHOY!

2008-01-25 20:52:04 by kelwynshade

So I've decided that I wanted to do something with my music that would somehow involve the Newgrounds Community. What I would like to do is write about 15 music tracks to an un-made RPG game.

Easy enough I suppose, but what I wanted to do is get your opinions on what types of music I should write. For instance, let's say you want to hear a theme for our un-named heroes when they enter a cave. Give me some form of story behind what you're imagining to be happening. Describe the mood of the characters, the situation they're in, and so forth.

Obviously there are no specific characters or no specific story, so there's basically where you guys come in and give me inspiration for writing the music.

Feel free to place your wanted submissions by placing a comment of your idea. Obviously if this becomes even semi-popular I will unfortunatly not be able to pick all of your ideas, however we'll see what happens.

Hope to hear some of your ideas soon!

Back to work...

2007-12-04 17:38:28 by kelwynshade

Well, I've got my new setup complete and it's pretty much bck to writing stuff. I've got a few small music projects for some friends to work on, however I've got plenty of songs of my own in the works. Keep an ear out for more goods headed this way.

And as always, check out my partnership work with ncjason77. We created KTRECORDS and have more goodies for you to check out here:


2007-11-04 20:38:41 by kelwynshade

Oh man, Chips n' Dip sounds so super awesome right now.

That is all.