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First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone and their comments over the past year. I've landed on the "Favorite Artist" list of over 400 of you crazy Newgrounds Goons, and I'm happy to say I've enjoyed reading all of your comments. While I have fallen behind on replying to most of them, I have read them, each and every one of them.

So Here's to another awesome year, and look forward to more music. My website is coming along and my personal album is still being worked on.

Speaking of songs; I went ahead and fixed quite a few problems I had with the Castlevania track I was working on. Here is my "Finalized" version; awaiting your comments as always. Enjoy it, and thanks for listening, everyone.


Reworking the remix.

2009-04-26 02:12:41 by kelwynshade

Ok, so the Castlevania track has been removed. I've made some good changes to it. It's closer to a final product now. Once it is complete, which should be in a day or so (I mean it this time) I'll re-release the track here on NG.

Until then;

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I was inspired today. Very inspired. Rarely do I decide that I want to make a track dedicated to a specific video game series. Well, after listening to countless Castlevania songs on my way to and from work, I thought I should give composing a track for the series a shot.

This was extremely fun. It's still a work in progress and has a bit more I need to work on, but it's farily close to what I would consider a nearly-somewhat-possible final product.

This track is, for the most part, original. Obviously there is a castlevania theme in there that places this song into the world, and I noticed many Castlevania composers have done the same.

Anyway, what do you think? yay, nay? Thanks for listening; and hopefully you enjoy it so far.

Castlevania - Steps of Legend

Need custom music?

2008-12-17 13:03:49 by kelwynshade

Looking for some quality custom music for your games? Feel free to shoot me an email at: or send me a message via MSN at:

I've worked on well over 15 flash games soundtracks and am always willing to work with new artists.

Check out my music page for music to games I've previously worked on. MUSIC PAGE

NOTE: To clarify; yes, there will be a charge. Depending on the size of the project and time needed will depend on pricing. The more info you send me, the quicker we can come to a middle and agree on a price.

New Song Release!!!

2008-10-08 20:13:17 by kelwynshade

Hey everyone. I've been so busy with work, school and family that I haven't had too much time to jump on Newgrounds too often. However, I am working on my own Solo Album titled:

Shades of Melody: Fantasy Reborn

It's an RPG Original Soundtrack to an RPG taht doesn't exist. I love Video Game music and decided I should just write an OST that would roughly use the basic themes of most RPG's out there.

I decided to release one of the songs right here on Newgrounds for everyone to check out. The Song is called: The Sleep Cursed Town.

Check out The Sleep Cursed Town here!

Also, in other news, I've got 330 people who've added me as one of their favorite artists. Thanks everyone, I'm happy you all enjoy the music so far.

Keep an ear our for more stuff, and thanks for listening/reading/commenting/breathing .

In the 9 months that I've been a Newgrounds Member; I've managed to, as of right now, gain a list of 200 members who have added me on their 'Favorite Artist' List.

Thanks guys/gals. I'm happy you all enjoy the tunes so far. The comments you leave are awesome as well. I know a ton of you have left a bunch of comments and I do try to reply to them as often as I can. Regardless, I just wanted to say Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy the music to come.

Also, this week a rough draft song I've written for an animated film ended up making #3 in the 'Best of the Week'. Feel free to check it out here: ++ Long Walk Home ++

AND, ahem, Don't forget to check out my partnership work with ncjason77. We created KTRECORDS and have plenty of other goodies there for you to check out as well. KTRECORDS MUSIC

Thanks again, everyone!

-Josh Kemp (kelwynshade)

Music n' Stuff

2008-05-29 08:13:11 by kelwynshade

I've been, still, too busy to really submit anything to Newgrounds. It's crazy. So, yep, I'm alive, just busy.

interesting, huh?

say wha???

2008-05-28 14:51:30 by kelwynshade

tsk tsk...

Decrease in Tunage Tyme

2008-04-23 08:12:01 by kelwynshade

Again, COLLEGE!!!!!

It's pushed my free time to next to zero. HOWEVER, I have gotten the chance here and there to work on a few things. So, don't expect to see nothing ever released, just expect a good delay between releases.

On another note, 3 more of my songs made front page in the audio portal. This makes 5 weeks in a row, which is pretty damn awesome.

The songs are:


Loud Whispers (featuring Sorohanro) Collab Track


~)When Embers Talk(~

~ Dry Sunset ~ (which was a WIP, so, just you wait for the full version!!!)

So check em out and let me know what you think.

Also, feel free to jump on over to check out my partnership work at KTRecords . Jason has been releasing some of his stuff there to keep us alive. We've been so busy with college that KTrecords has been pretty neglected.

songs n stuff

2008-04-15 06:36:13 by kelwynshade

oh man, no time for a crazy 8 paragraph post. Sorry all. for the time being, check out some: