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Well done, everyone. This does an amazing underground Fanservice. Excellent works.

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I'm absolutely terrible at these types of games, but I grew up in an age where the Commodore 64 had amazing games. So, watching games evolve over the years has been interesting. There are a TON of these types of games out there, but that shouldn't even be an argument or come up as a negative; the game should be reviewed for what it is and a good bit of people are doing that now; thank god.

A LOT of testing went into this beast. I only wrote the music and made suggestions that helped improve things from time to time, but Afro-Ninja did an amazing job with the engine and gameplay tightening. This is, by far, his best piece of work yet, and he's got some awesome stuff out there.

I definitely had fun writing the music for this. I agree the loops are short, however we had to cut back in order to save on size since MP3's tend to be the reason a lot of projects are huge.

We REALLY appreciate everyone checking it out. If you didn't enjoy it, that's too bad and we're sorry it didn't catch your attention more. If you liked it/ loved it; AWESOME; we had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks again for playing, everyone!

Definitely not stolen...

Very fun game, man. I have played the other game everyone says this is stolen from, and while it is similar, it has its own vibe entirely. Love the game. Looks great.

Could probably use teh musical touch of someone you know *ahem* =)

Good work man!

Very nice!!

This game actually kept my attention for a LONG time.

As for the Robokill clone comments; Isn't robokill like Smash TV? Wasn't Smash TV based off a game on the Tandy computer? These comments are like saying every new FPS game is Wolfenstein 3D.

This game is actually fun, visually pleasing and VERY addictive. Seriously, just play the game and enjoy it for what it is: A FUN Flash game.

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I think this did exactly what most musicians on Newgrounds would ask for; someone to listen from beginning to end before hitting that vote.

This is good; love that you pushed out of your comfort zone; it tends to be how we write the best stuff. Nice work!

This is certainly one of those tracks that you've been able to create an excellent melody that sticks in your head for days, weeks, months and years.

I find myself thinking about it from time to time.

Good stuff, brothah.

We rocked this one so hard.

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Good stuff as usual. Glad to see you getting on here. I'm sure it wont take long before you get to put those skills to use.

danimal1 responds:

Im glad you like it! Although... as I said in the comment box, it was designed after my old Gothy Ex gf. That being Miranda of all people. But we ain't goin' there. ;)


This is absolutely amazing work. I RARELY EVER leave art reviews, but your work is simply stunning. Each pice is quite the inspiration for my music work. Very inspiring, indeed.

Didn't you know...

He's my brother. Yep, we enjoy kicking Fish Boy when he sleeps. =)

dommi-fresh responds:

he told me on thursday apparently fish boy still can't explain the bruises to the doctor.
thanks for the review

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