Music and replying to ALL comments...

2009-10-22 15:13:33 by kelwynshade

So I admit; I've fallen terribly behind in responding to everyone's comments to each of my tracks. I'm making it a personal goal to reply to each and every one of them within the next week. You guys have taken the time to let me know how much you like the music, the least I could do is respond.

Sorry for falling so far behind in replying to all of you.

Meanwhile... you guys should check out some of the newer games I've written music for. Just click on some of the latest released songs and there should be a link to each of the games.

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2009-10-22 17:07:25

Are you even going to respond to this comment? :D

kelwynshade responds:

Why yes, yes I am.....

Comment Complete.


2009-10-22 18:45:46

I hope you got excited seeing that you had a new comment, only to find out it was from me

kelwynshade responds:

No, actually, I was trying really hard to hit the delete button, I somehow missed and replied instead. Lucky you.


2009-10-22 20:13:44

respond to me.

kelwynshade responds:



2009-10-22 23:13:35


kelwynshade responds:



2009-10-23 00:08:25

I know this is a really cheesy comment but I do thank you for making the song 'Long Walk Home'. I've always found it beautiful and inspirational, my girlfriend loves it too.

Thank you so much.

kelwynshade responds:

Not a cheesy comment at all, in fact, the first worthy comment I've seen thus far. I'm glad the two of you enjoy the track. Make sure to check for new tracks often, you just might see a new reworked version of Long Walk Home in the near future. =)


2009-11-11 20:29:25

hey love your work! speaking of which I noticed one of your songs was gone... I think it was called KK Rider.... had an awesome 80's theme to it... just was curious what happened to it haha. Keep up the awesome work!

kelwynshade responds:

Hey, thanks man. There are quite a few tracks I removed as they were just demo's. I've got plenty of stuff I'll be releasing, but most likely on an album sometime soon. Thanks for the comment!


2010-04-07 21:00:47

Doesn't matter if you reply or delete this comment: I just want to say I'm sorry for forgetting all about you until now; I've changed a lot.