20+ OST's for Games Completed!!!

2009-07-04 19:46:41 by kelwynshade

EDIT: Links all fixed. Enjoy the games!!!

Well, it has been a good two years since I started writing music for Flash Developers. So far its been a very entertaining ride. I've learned a lot thus far. I'm looking to move things to the next step, clean up some work, and send off a very hefty profile to gaming companies and record labels.

There's a ton of my work that Newgrounds or anyone else online has yet to have heard, so it's nearing that time to find a way to explode my work into something that will benefit me even more in the long run. I do love Newgrounds and honestly owe Tom and the gang thanks for creating an amazing community host.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to say "Holy hell, I've completed over TWENTY, 20, Two-Zero soundtracks for online flash games. It pretty much hit me these past few weeks that I've been fairly busy with music commissioned work.


I wanted to post a link to each of these games that are available online for anyone interested to check out; so lets get to it:

Adventures of Balley

Berloga Strip Dance

Cannon Blaster 3

Chicken's Flying School

Elite Forces - Afghan

Elite Forces - Clone Wars 2 Extended

Elite Forces - Conquest

Elite Forces - Pakistan

Elite Forces - Warfare

Escape from Camp Crystal Lake


Shuffle: NEXT

Tales of Crevan

Territory War: Online


Batman - Gotham Jumper

Super Secret Power of 3 Game

Horse Jumper

Joe's War




So check em out, and please let me know what you think. Take care, goons!


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2009-07-04 20:04:33

Congrats man. I was playing some of these games the other day, to see how well your music synced with the games.

When I first messaged you on here looking for music for one of my games.. I remember I said how you were the only person I could find on the audio portal who had such a high quality for every one of their songs. I still think that is true. Keep it up

kelwynshade responds:

Rock on, man. I look forward to working on more tunes for you in the future. Also, you need to change your CB3 menu theme to the right one!!!

Thanks for the comments, bro.


2009-07-04 20:37:13

nothing short of greatness!

kelwynshade responds:



2009-07-04 21:33:39

Cool story,bro!

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks. Check out the games; there is some cool stuff in that list.


2009-07-05 06:25:27

Man, that's good news. CONGRATS !!!
P.S. if you need some guitars or trumpets... our last collab made front page ;)

kelwynshade responds:

Haha, believe me, my friend, I've got you in mind for some stuff already =) I loved your work for Loud Whispers, so I think we can see front page again in the future. I'll be in contact, brothah.


2009-09-06 12:05:01

Awesome stuff man!

How much M0niez did you make if you dont mind me asking?

kelwynshade responds:

A very fair amount =)