2014 Submissions

Cocaine Cowboy Dance Song
TW3 Cotton Candy Grenades Video Game Loop
TW3 - Crimson Snow Video Game Loop
8 bit Wet Dream Hip Hop - Modern Song
-= O.R.B =- Gameplay Theme Video Game Loop
SHMUP - Ice - Kelwynshade Video Game Loop
SHMUP - City - Kelwynshade Video Game Loop
BoF 2 - Memories Remix Video Game Song
~Mission Successful~ Loop Video Game Loop
~First to Kill~ - kelwynshade Trance Song
~*) When Embers Talk (*~ Ambient Song
Midnight's Courtyard Classical Song
~ Dry Sunset ~ Ambient Song
~Path of Memories~ Classical Song
Lazul's Pendant -Completed- Classical Song
Undeniable Tragedy- Piano Solo Classical Song
The Dancing Fire Video Game Song
Remember the Mind Techno Song
Go to Sleeeeeeep.... Video Game Song
Evening Fire Classical Song
War's Little Secret Classical Song
Link's Victory Parade Video Game Song
Sand and Sorrows Video Game Song